There Is A Third Version Of What The Slapped Chinese Woman Said

Eric Mader, a Mandarin speaker, with a long experience of listening to Chinese people speaking Chinese or English, published on Korazym.org (January 9) a third version of what the woman said who was slapped by Francis on December 31 (video below).

Mader agrees with previous views that the woman didn't speak Chinese but heavily accented English.

His transcript of her words is: “Why destroy their faith? Why destroy the Chinese? Look for the Chinese feelings. Talk to me!“

Previous versions

A first report claimed that she said: “Hold! Hold! Look for the Chinese people! They are losing the Faith!”

A second version of her words was: "I just want to say, I just saw in the holiday, Hong Kong is already finished. Have a good break."


Thors Catholic Hammer
Antipope francis both fears and hates authentic catholic women.The look on his face after hitting the woman is a combination of anger, guilt, hatred and fear.
First of all, the woman is not Chinese but Japanese. She appears to be saying "Matte Kudasai", which is Japanese for "please wait".
I read they ruled out she was Japanese....
...been wondering about that myself Jim Dorchak . By now she's probably gone, disillusioned and secretly grateful she escaped internet notoriety.
If she is Chinese-- yes she may be "gone".