Wilma Lopez
Vatican announced it will use only electric cars by 2030 "to make its fleet carbon-neutral." Goal is to "ensure that its energy needs come exclusively from renewable energy sources."
I'd not be too worried. The whole placed might be a carbonised crater by then if they don't convert.
Carbon based cars, lol.
U S Spacy
Please do not legislate poor people into more poverty.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Those cars are twice as expensive as petrol using cars today. And the Vatican is supposed to be hugely in debt. The Vatican's gone WOKE. They don't care about God, or the Sacraments, or even the Faith. It's all climate change, openness to homosexuality, etc.
John A Cassani
How do they expect to charge that fleet of electric cars, given the problems renewables have in producing power at night? Or, are they just trying to “offset” the fossil fuels they use. Ridiculous. They don’t care if anyone goes to Heaven, nor do they care if everyone freezes or starves. This is not the Catholic Church.
No worries, all of the foul wind coming out of the Vatican these days will provide them with plenty of energy.
Divine prioritites do not matter.