Louis IX
What are they doing in this picture?
...something stupid and ineffective. Check out the selective use of covid masks and the non-existent social distancing.
Defeat Modernism
People need to stop attending the New Mass and stop giving money to theri parishes, diocese and the Vatican. They are all Judeo-Marxist-Masonic controlled. There is NO salvation in Vatican II or the New Mass. Return to Tradition!
The Catholic Church disagrees with that last sentence and you couldn't prove the second-to-last if your own salvation depended on it.
That image speaks so much to the problems in our Glorious Church, infested with the condemned error of modernism. (not the cartoon,even though it does show a major problem in hand)
가입을 원합니다
The window at the back looks like the pause button! About as deep as the philosophy goes.