Francis Starts Advent With African Jungle Mass

On the First Advent Sunday, Francis presided in Saint Peter's over a Mass for the Congolese Community. It was executed in the 1988 Zaire Rite which incorporates African elements in order to promote "inculturation."

Francis' Congo Mass marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the first Congolese chaplaincy in Rome.

At the offertory, there was a Congo style music and dancing procession that transformed St Peter’s basilica into a sort of jungle. Francis looked bored at the hooting and swinging (video below).

Twitter users are making fun about the show asking to integrate giraffes, elephants, and German folk dances into future performances.

Holy Communion was often distributed on the hand although this practice is usually restricted or even denied inside the Vatican.


What's next, the Bay Area rite? That's basically everywhere now.
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Please lord, take him out....
As one person prayed (about a bishop), "Illuminate him or eliminate him".
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I'm waiting for the 'smart phone' rite where parishioners are encouraged to bring their smartphones.
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Beats Protestants...!
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Thanks Vatican 2 for the Novus ordo "masses".
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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No exaggeration. Francis isn't even pretending to look interested. He is clearly (and understandably) bored out of his skull.
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Three Ring Circus.