Covid-19 Vaccines: Insouciant Bishops Suddenly Make Moral Appeals

It is a "moral duty" for New Zealand's Bishops to receive a Covid-19 vaccine (VaticanNews.va, January 14).

Wellington Cardinal John Dew is convinced there are no religious reasons for rejecting a vaccination. He cites the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which considers it “morally acceptable" to receive COVID-19 vaccines produced with the cells of aborted children.

He calls voices which say that vaccines shouldn't be used, "false information." For him, "everyone has a moral responsibility" to protect himself and others by getting the vaccine as soon as possible.

It is noteworthy that contemporary bishops NEVER speak with so much conviction when the salvation fo the soul is at stake.


These bishops are passionate about getting the vaccine but not about guiding their flocks to Heaven
Globalist puppet, he lost the Faith a long time ago. Lord have Mercy on his soul.