Cardinal Müller: Covid Measures Are At Service of "Great Reset”

Governments have lost the public’s trust due to their chaotic and contradictory Covid measures, Cardinal Müller told NcRegister.com (December 2).

Regulations are contaminated by ideological, financial and political interests; politicians, the oligarchs' media and Big Tech have ruthlessly exploited the situation to promote a "Great Reset," Müller noticed.

He warns that Church and state leaders should work toward cohesion instead of insulting critics as “conspiracy theorists” or “sinners against charity”. Bishops should not offer themselves as "courtiers to the rulers of this world," Müller said.

The fact that Berlin Archdiocese allows only vaccinated or those recovered from COVID ("2G") to attend the Eucharist, is for Müller contrary to Divine Law and "a grave sin against their God-given authority.” This shows for Müller that secularisation and de-Christianisation of thought has affected the bishops.

Picture: © NAME, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWhsgopqqwg

Thank you so much, Cardinal Muller. You've so brilliantly exposed the link between Covid and the plans of the NWO. Also I very much appreciate your warning to the Church about their policies alienating the very flock they are obliged to save.
"Governments have lost the public’s trust due to their chaotic and contradictory Covid measures," -that's putting it mildly. ;-)
Cardinal Muller for Pope .He is so right
Endlich wird die hinterfotzige Agenda offen aufgedeckt, es fehlt nur noch der Hinweis auf die mörderischen 5G Antennen, die ein integraler Bestandteil des Reset sind. Mit Chip Geimpfte sind über die Antennen dem Überwachungssystem ausgeliefert
Herr Fischl hier ist der von Ihnen gesuchter Beweis