New Saints in the Old Rite

In early January, the Congregation for Divine Worship will add to the 1962 Liturgical Calendar seven or eight saints who were canonised after 1962.

According to (December 5) the use of the saints will be optional. No names are known yet. Benedict XVI writes in his 2007 Summorum Pontificum that new saints can be added to the Old Calendar.

It's surprising that the Congregation for Divine Worship is in charge of this as it is only responsible for the New Mass, and Francis has given all competence for the 1962 Mass to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

A reader on calls this a "wonderful news" because it allows to celebrate "in the extraordinary form" saints "of which we are particularly fond." Among them, the reader lists John Paul II.

Picture: © LawrenceOP, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsNddrjoxbbe

Trust Rome to try to pollute the Old Missal 😡
Let me guess: St. Escriba of the Opus, St. John Paul of Assisi, St. Paul of the Mass, St. Mother Teresa of All Believers, St. John of Peace & Safety, St. Romero of Liberation. Who's the seventh? I think for St. Pachamama of Eco-Conversion is still too early.
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More likely it will be either St Martin Luther, or St Mohammed of Arabia.
Will they try to sneak in the dubious Saint Pope Paul VI?
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Therefore, the 1962 missal fulfills its function for which it was made.
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