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Cardinal Sarah: Mass Should Face the Lord – Yet There Is Opposition Against This

The Church has always prayed facing the Lord (ad orientem), and all other religions too, said Cardinal Robert Sarah, 74, at a November 21 book presentation in Weltenburg Abbey, Germany, according to

Sarah who is the Vatican Prefect of Divine Worship, stressed that he has “often” suggested the ad-orientem celebration, but admitted that there is “an opposition and obstacles”against it.

However, he believes that one day the Church will again find this orientation.

In the Philippines, a whole diocese will start to celebrate toward the Lord on December 1.


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Angie W.
Cardinal Sarah fights the wind because he has joined the Enemy of Christ who is installing the desolate Abomination in the House of God to suppress the Eucharist and install the Sacrilege without Sarah having the COURAGE to denounce the apostasy of Bergoglio. likes this.
Sarah is so ahead of his time... (sarcasm). I think these so called "conservative" "bishops" really just want to be authors and not actual bishops. They are just props for gullible Catholics as if they are some kind of resistance. Wasn't Sarah at the amazon synod? Did he even say anything about all that apostasy? and one more user like this. likes this.
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If Sarah was really interested in defending God's rights, he would start by exorcising the Basilica of Saint Peter and Santa Maria in Transportina.
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