Liturgical Paganiser on the Way to “Beatification”

The Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) announced on 27 September that the anti-Catholic Lima Archbishop Carlos Castillo, Peru, opened a beatification process for Italian born Salesian Father Luigi Bolla (+2013).

Bolla was active in the Amazon area. He became famous for paganising the Novus Ordo with native herbs purification rituals, bonfires lit from three trunks, and a "penitential rite" during which the attendees hold water in their mouth and pour it over their hands etc.


Edward Joseph Long
And yet the weasel bishops like the Bishop of Rochester NY and Cardinal HaHa took venerable Archbishop Sheen out of the process of beatification spending millions of our money to fight his neice. Evil cardinal cupcake led it all on orders from the their demonic leaders!
The archetype of the geriatric liturgical hippie priest. Yeah, he's gonna get canonized. You heard it here first!
Jan Joseph
Het is maar weer eens duidelijk de Protestantse Tweede Vaticaanse Novus Ordo kerk heeft Heidense Afgoden, het is een catastrofe voor de samenleving.
More and more fall off the ladder.