Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
J M Yerian
Ironic since Dr. Bhakdi has proven that the C19 vaccines make you mentally ill in addition to killing you.
Hound of Heaven
An obscene suggestion by that reputed 'college'. Barely 75 years since the Nuremberg trials and code, and this is where we have devolved to. A quick web search turned up this from Lisa Feldman Law office website: "The law in Ontario places great emphasis on autonomy and permits capable people to make their own decisions – even if those decisions are objectively bad decisions...."
Jo Santoss
Did you watch the whole thing he us exposing this not supporting it.
Jo Santoss
@aderito above comment
Jo Santoss
Next they will be suggesting train cars
Jeffrey Ade
@aderito He is a processed individual who probably believes what he is saying. At this point in history we must assume and be weary because most people are truly mad!
Please watch the video--this man is NOT defending the College, he is defending ethics and the unvaxxed.
how can this guy lie with a serious face ,After all the info. that has come out about the fatalities and injuries from this injection Also from the info .shown by scientists that disagree about what this man says ,Even Pfiser ceo,s disagree aswell
You did not watch the video. He warns about this "suggestion" from the College of Ontario, saying it is very unethical and will be a very slippery slope. This guy is on board with reality and ethics.