Hideous Christmas: Vatican Choses 2020 Nativity Scene

The Vatican's Governatorato announced that for Christmas 2020 the “monumental Nativity scene" of Castelli, Abruzzo region, will be displayed in Saint Peter's Square.

It was created by Castelli's State art high school for design in 1965-1975. Only a few of the 54 larger than life-size ceramic statues will be exhibited in the Vatican.

The ugly figures will be a big disappointment, especially for children.


alfred dunn
That nativity shambles bespeaks the soul of the Francis Vatican.
FrDJR shares this
There is only one word for this years Nativity Scene at St. Peter's "Disgusting" it's like a Christmas Pachamama!
Francis hates Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and so do many of his sycophants.