Medjugorie: New Local Bishop Excited About the Phenonmenon

For Monsignor Petar Palić, 48, the new bishop of Mostar, Bosnia, the Medjugorje phenomenon with its false apparitions, is an “open question.”

Medjugorje is in Mostar diocese. The previous Mostar bishops rejected the alleged apparitions of Our Lady.

Now, Palić stated in interviews that he has visited Medjugorje several times, appreciates its spiritual fruits, and is neither a supporter nor an enemy of Medjugorje.

Medjugorie's Apostolic Visitor Archbishop Henryk Hoser, an enthusiastic Medjugorie supporter, has invited him to visit the place again and he will do this “with joy,” and accept Hoser's decisions regarding the place.

Palić wrote his doctorate at the anti-Catholic Theological Faculty of Graz University, Austria. In his former diocese Hvar, Croatia, he told the faithful that Saturday evening masses fulfil Sunday obligation, a measure known as the first step which encourages the faithful to abandon Sunday obligation.

In spring, under the pretext of the coronavirus, Palić suspended public Masses for 6 weeks and then abolished Communion on the tongue for "hygienic" reasons.

His predecessor in Mostar, Bishop Ratko Perić, 76, neither closed down Masses nor did he impose Communion on the hand.

Picture: Petar Palić, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsVwpblyoudz

What isn't an "open question" is the HUGE amount of tourist money that would be lost if this farce were exposed for what it is.
Yes, biggest tourist draw in Bosnia. Even for Moslem Bosniaks, money us money. Sad the new bishop compromised the Catholic line of his predecessors.