Schneider: Abu Dhabi Heresy Is Contained in Vatican II

There is a cause and effect relationship between Francis’ Abu Dhabi Document and the Vatican II Declaration "Dignitatis Humanae" on Religious Freedom, writes Bishop Schneider on (June 1).

Dignitatis Humanae claims that man has "a right to religious freedom" which is "founded in his own nature to act in religious matters according to his own conscience" (2).

Schneider explains that such a right based on nature implies that it is "willed by God." Consequently, Dignitatis Humanae allows man to worship basically everything, even an idol or Satan.

Therefore, Schneider hopes that a future pope or council will correct “the erroneous statement” made by Vatican II. He gives examples of previous council statements which allegedly became obsolete, were forgotten or corrected.

Lateran Council IV (1215) stated that “the Jews must be distinguished from the Christians by their clothing” and that they should not hold public offices. However, this regulation is still largely observed by orthodox Jews who only matter from a religious point of view.

The Council of Constance (1415) excommunicated those priests who administer Holy Communion under both species. However, this regulation was not changed by the Church but overthrown by an act of rebellion.

Picture: Athanasius Schneider © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsIbtswxvkgu

F M Shyanguya
Ecumenical Councils - so far 21
- are the Supreme Teaching organ in the Church and therefore are infallible in all they teach through them.

Bp Schneider, who I immensely respect and grateful for his speaking up during the current crisis, - may he not lose his reward - I am afraid is here pandering to the self-styled Trads.

Pope Emeritus recently on the infallibility of Vatican II:
F M Shyanguya
@elbow All 16 Vatican II documents approved by Pope now St Paul VI. Incidentally Abp Lefebvre signed/accepted ALL of these documents.
F M Shyanguya
@elbow A church unto yourself.