Italian Journalist: The Antichrist Will Be a Clergyman

The journalist Antonio Socci recalled on December 13 ( that Our Lady of La Salette said in July 1851, that “twice fifty years will not pass” until “the Antichrist will be born.”

Mélanie Calvat (+1904), the seer of La Salette, heard in 1879, “Rome will lose its faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." And: "The Church will be eclipsed; the world will be in consternation."

Maria Valtorta (+1961), a mystic and author of the famous Poem of the Man-God, heard in August 1943, during the war, “Now we are in the period that I call of the forerunners of the Antichrist. Then comes the period of the Antichrist who is the precursor of Satan.”

Valtorta said about those who would see these sufferings, “Many of them are already in this world.” From this Socci concludes that it is the present generation that is seeing the Antichrist.

Valtorta calls the reign of the Antichrist “short” but “tremendous” saying that the Church will experience “hours of darkness and horror similar to those of my Passion."

She describes the Antichrist as a “very high-profile person” who “will make the columns of my Church tremble.”

For the time of the Antichrist she announces “the idol shepherd, who will be and will stand where his masters want him.”

Socci believes that the Antichrist will be a clergyman.


I've never read where Our Lady of LaSalette said that the antichrist will be born before 1951. I think that is incorrect. In any case, it's my belief that before antichrist reigns, the triumph of Mary must come.
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Private revelations cannot have weight in theology.
We know, however, from Scripture and Tradition that the Great Apostasy must come first, then the Antichrist. Of course, what we live looks like the Great Apostasy. If the Antichrist is going to be a cleric, or not, we care little. We can verify, however, that not a few of the high clergy are at his service.
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When idolatry is an "exaggeration," when pedophilia is covered up, when money donated from the faithful for the "poor" is used to finance a movie about the flaunting homosexual, Elton John, we are in trouble. He who has eyes to see..... Pray for priests! and pray that Mary will end the reign of the Gay Mafia.
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Pray for all bishops and pastors of Jesus' lambs. Ezekiel 3:1-17
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