"Vaccination is the devil's baptism" Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganòMore
"Vaccination is the devil's baptism" Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Jeffrey Ade
Remember you heard it here from me first! I was pointing this out months ago! Because this is a huge human sacrifice there is a corresponding "sacrament." But it was Fr. Copcynski who clued me on to satanic "sacraments" as such so credit goes to him where due. Richie From Boston and James True for nailing the satanic ritual being branded as "Covid-19!" I just put two and two together.....
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He speaks the truth, God Bless him!
Vigano is a gift from God to His Church. God bless him
De Profundis
chris griffin
Wilma, thanks for the beautiful prayer just when I thought Viganò was fighting a loosing battle.
Wilma Lopez