Francis: “Someone Might Think: This Pope Is a Heretic”

Referring to a column in the basilica St Mary Magdalen in Vézelay, France, Pope Francis insinuated that Judas might have been saved. Talking on the Catholic TV2000 he then added, "Perhaps someone might think, ‘This pope is a heretic’.”

On this column Judas is hanging on one side while on the other "the Good Shepherd" carries him displaying a smile that according to Francis looks “a little bit complicit”.

According to the webpage of Vézelay abbey Francis' Good Shepherd is in reality a man who is not identified with Christ, who carries away Judas’ corpse. Francis' words have now been published as a book.

Picture: © Jim Forest, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsCeilzkosya
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Yeah, someone might
Judas might have been saved? I guess Christ was a bit confused when he said that it were better for Judas never to have been born. No worry, we have Francis to set us all straight. And yes, Francis , you are a heretic and I think you are proud of it.
didn,t Jesus say that it would be better for Judas not to have been born ? and killing oneself a mortal sin ?