Turkish Muslims Keep Losing Their Religion [like the “Catholics”]

51% of Turkish Muslims described themselves as “pious” last year as opposed to 55% ten years earlier – a Konda research has shown.

At the same time, the number of atheists went from 2% to 5%, while the number of the “religious conservative” slid down from 32% to 25%.

Fasting during Ramadan is kept by 65% - down from 77%. The number of those believing that a couple must religiously married dropped by 5% to settle at 74%.

These numbers contradict Western “Islamization” propaganda and show that government attempts to promote religiosity didn't result in any effective result.

While public religious acts have been steady, private acts have fallen, signifying religious shallowness – much like in Catholic societies.

Picture: © AlCortés, CC BY, #newsYsdukqfxjp
Less Turks practicing a fabricated pseudo-religion? Sounds like a good thing.
De Profundis
...the difference being the woman on the left has the choice and the freedom to dress as modestly or as immodestly as she chooses. The one on the right would be murdered if she deviated from the cultural norms.