Viganò: Vatican Infiltrated By "Freemasons"

A "satanic-masonic attempt" to protestantise Catholicism, "reducing it to one of the many religions that are part of a single world religion,” produces the Churches suicide, Archbishop Viganò told (June 2).

For Viganó, this "masonic octopus" which clutches the Church in its tentacles, is "neither a rumor nor a secret.” It armed itself inside the Vatican "with diabolical patience" and waited "until it reached the levers of power and command.”

However, the liturgy, dogma and morals were not destroyed by some hidden freemasons but primarily by popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns (who could not become "freemasons"), who all acted openly, while almost all faithful were frenetically applauding their work of destruction.

Accusing random "freemasons," only distracts the attention from the really guilty ones.


It's cute that you think past members of the church "could not" become freemasons. They also "could not" commit adultery, accept bribes, engage in sexual abuse, etc. Many Catholics became masons in secret. Freemasons are evil, and we ignore them at our peril,
Great post! God bless AB Vigano beginning to expose the infiltration of Holy Mother Church by Her enemies. There is a long way to go before the Hierarchy is as Catholic, sane, and orderly as it was before the V2 Bomb exploded. My only question is why does the cartoon mistakenly omit Pope Benedict 16:…/A272rcBlessedRa…
F M Shyanguya
Arthur McGowan
This article uses the usual methods, including "scare quotes" to portray talk of Freemasons as "kooky." Where does Viganò say that the work of Freemasons EXCLUDES the fact that priests, bishops, and cardinals were also vandals? As always GTV follows its infuriating policy of providing no link.
F M Shyanguya
@Arthur McGowan The ripe conspiracy, the mystery of iniquity now unmasking, now coming it full view, has been advanced by the agency of secret societies. Freemasonry the glove, the Illuminati the hidden controlling hand.
F M Shyanguya
Why this :

Maryland's PHA Masons Perform Funeral Service for Elijah Cummings

1) Never makes the news and

2) Even if it did never bothers Americans,

Is why the chickens have now come home to roost.