Vaccine Propaganda: Francis Plays the Dancing Bear of the Oligarchs

Francis sent a May 8 video-message to “Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World,” an event to propagate "equitable global vaccine distribution."

The initiative is organised by oligarchs like Bill and Melinda Gates, and the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, a former Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman. The chairs of the campaign are Prince Harry, a former serviceman, and Meghan Markle who has a degree in "theater and international studies." Among the performers are former sex symbol Jennifer Lopez, the actor Ben Affleck of whom Lopez was one of his many floozies, and other starlets of the decadent show business.

The organisers had Francis say that a "universal access to vaccines" and the "temporary suspension of intellectual property rights" is needed. In reality, the oligarchs don't care about "universal access to vaccines".

It dawned on Francis that he was totally out of place at this show. Accordingly he called himself an "old man, who does not dance or sing like you, but who believes as you do that injustice and evil are not invincible.” It belongs to the special hypocrisy of the rich that the millionaires participating in the show will wholeheartedly agree with him.


""temporary suspension of intellectual property rights" Sure is Marxism in here. That's really what Covid is being used to advance and little wonder our Marxist Pope is throwing his considerable weight behind it.Yes, @Deacon Waugh, they do. However listening and heeding are not one and the same. ;-)
Vax Live Concert: When Harry Met Francis