Gay Ideology: American Bishop Indulges in Party Language

Lexington Bishop John Stowe, Kentucky, USA, asks his parishes to promote a so-called „LGBT Ministry“ in their weekly parish bulletins, the gay activist James Martin writes on (September 1).

The diocesan Office for Peace and Justice wrote the following announcement - a forbidding example of homosex waffle - to be added in the bulletin:

„CATHOLIC LGBT MINISTRY – We are an affirming ministry that celebrates and defends the dignity of every LGBT person. Every LGBT person is called to ministry in the church. What gifts do you have to share? Do you know someone who is a member of the LGBT community? Invite them to join our ministry and tell them we need the gifts they have to share!“

This is an example of party language used by those who replace free thinking with ideology.

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Summary is: Kentucky Diocese asks parishes to promote Catholic LGBT Ministry in parish bulletins.
I wonder if there are any Catholics left in his diocese.
Pray for those poor families and children trapped there under his "care"