Viganò: Francis Is Both Holder And Demolisher Of Papacy

Archbishop Viganò has defended his criticism of Vatican II against attacks by Fathers Thomas Weinandy and Raymond J. De Souza who accuse him of promoting "schism" (, September 3).

Viganò asks if the two would also dare to speak about "schisms" and "heresies" where they really exist: among liberal cardinals and bishops.

He observes that those who criticise Vatican II receive no answers, “The only response is the delegitimisation of the interlocutor, his ostracisation, and the generic accusation of wanting to attack the unity of the Church.” Viganò's conclusion: The "hammer of heretics" is unleashed against those who defend Catholicism.

Heterodox doctrines and secularised rites were imposed on the Church with the help of a distorted obedience and by introducing the novelties ad experimentum, Viganò notes. He stresses that many propositions of Vatican II would have been condemned by the Vatican if they had been put forward by some German or Dutch bishops without the mantle of a council.

Viganò calls Vatican II a “coup of the Modernists” while naïve Catholics believed that God would "prevent" this. About Francis, Viganò writes that he is "both the holder and the demolisher of the papacy.”


P. O'B
"About Francis, Viganò writes that he is 'both the holder and the demolisher of the papacy.'” This time I think that Archbishop Vigano is only half correct.
Our Lady tells us to pray for the Holy Father!
Craig J Wagner
Yes, I agree. We must pray for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI!