Pro-Gay Bishop Says Truth Without Wanting to Do So

Lexington Bishop John Stowe OFMconv, Kentucky, delivered a video message complimenting his diocese's pro-gay ministry (FaceBook.com, June 15).

“I’m happy to greet you during this pride month,” Stowe said. Pride is the most serious of the seven deadly sins.

Stowe is "sorry that the Church is not as welcoming [toward homosexuals] as it should be” - which is true because too many bishops, Stowe is one of them, divert homosexuals from the motherly arms of the Church into the clutches of the demons.

He correctly observes “that the issue of sexual orientation has become so divisive in our Church” - because bishops like Stowe replace the Gospel with homosexual propaganda.

Stowe regrets that members of the Catholic hierarchy are pushing homosexuals away [into perdition].

He is among them as he expresses gratitude for his “LGBT ministry” that has “put their rainbow flag outside of the church” welcoming “all people” [into hell].

According to Stowe, his ministry is pushing for the “message of inclusion” [into sin] and has "participated in gay pride events."


Alex A
Thought about commenting on this idiot of a Bishop. Nah! He's gone.
Vincent Capuano
What would Francis of Assisi say?
Another bishop happily leading souls to hell.
...and THIS is the man who's going to decide if, when, and how Kentucky churches will resume Mass, including Communion on the tongue. o.O
Perhaps the real meaning of St. George and the Dragon is that an evil has to be about as big and ugly as a dragon before an Englishman even knows it is there.
Alex A
Love G.K. Chesterton. Don't have any of his works, so keep the quotes coming.
Hugh N. Cry
Not a dime
Hugh N. Cry