Is Dean Of Rota Romana A Mason? - Asks for Investigation

Mrs Bai Macfarlane of wrote a November 27 complaint to the Apostolic Signatura, the highest Church court, asking to investigate whether Monsignore Pio Vito Pinto, 78, is a freemason (letter below).

Pinto is the Dean of the Rota Romana, the Vatikan's appellation court. Appointed by Benedict XVI in 2012, he is still in office although he is long due to be replaced.

Macfarlane letter relies on the fact that Pinto’s name is contained in the Lista Pecorelli, a 1978 document which names alleged freemasons within the Church.

The list was compiled by the Italian investigative journalist, Carmine Pecorelli who was murdered in 1979.

It informs about the date when Pinto was allegedly initiated into Masonry, his code number and his code name: “Pinto, Pio Vito: 2/4/1970 – Matricola 3317/42 – PIPIVI”.


Most in the Vatican are masons, may the Virgin Mary protect us little ones...