"Our Martin Luther": For Schönborn Catholics and Protestants Are "Equidistant" to Christ

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn ordained five priests and three deacons on October 10 for the "conservative" Cistercian Abbey Heiligenkreuz near Vienna.

In his homily, Schönborn praised “our” Martin Luther for his (manipulating) bible translation. He said that Luther used to loved the Epistle to the Galatians which was read during Mass, as much as he loved his "Kätchen," a former nun and Luther's concubine.

Completely inappropriately for a homily for a priestly ordination, Schönborn added that "all divisions" are overcome in Christ, also those "between clergy and laity", as if the sacrament of orders were a "division" which disturbs the Church's unity.

At the end, Schönborn repeated a stupid statement on ecumenism he made 29 years ago after having become an auxiliary bishop,

“I said naively and from my heart. It's like a wheel with spokes and a hub: The centre is Christ, the spokes are we, the different Christian denominations, the different characters, the different people. The closer we come to Christ, the closer we are to one another."

Depending on the audience, Schönborn may well have said the opposite.

"Schönborn catholics" and Protestants Are "Equidistant" from Christ.