Does Francis Use Incriminating Information About His Employees?

She created confidential dossiers with incriminating information on Vatican personnel, Cecilia Marogna who was nicknamed Lady Becciu, told (May 3).

The beautiful former Vatican consultant who is under investigation for embezzlement, said she acted at the request of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Francis' former axman at the Secretariat of State.

The purpose of such dossiers is blackmailing. On priests, Marogna explained, the compiled information was - predictably - about “immoral conduct." It's a fact that Francis surround himself with figures who are susceptible to blackmail.

Marogna is a grandstander who also claimed on the show that she was part of a "parallel secret service,” adding that it worked “in interaction with other parallel international secret services.”

Cardinal Becciu’s lawyer told that there was “no official response” to Marogna’s claims - which sounds as if her claims were true.


It's a shame Vatican personnel even have incriminating information.