Two Cardinals Confirm: Pro-Gay Cardinals Keep Covering Up Abuses

Bishops in America and worldwide are calling for an investigation of the accusations, the former U.S. nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò has levelled against Francis and his liberal allies.

Two anonymous cardinals confirmed to ChurchMilitant.com that everything Viganò has declared is true.

It does not come as a surprise that the accused pro-gay Cardinals Cupich (Chicago), Tobin (Newark) and Wuerl (Washington) attack Viganò. All three belong to the McCarrick orbit.

Cupich tried to divert the attention from the issue by calling for "concern of the healing of victims". Tobin claimed that there are “factual errors” in Viganò's statement but did not name a single one.

Wuerl keeps denying that he knew about McCarrick’s abuses and the sanctions against him. Nevertheless, his speaker confirmed that Wuerl cancelled an event with McCarrick at the request of then Nuncio Viganò.

Wuerl’s Vicar General sent Viganò’s testimony to all priests and personnel of Washington archdiocese.

Picture: Donald Wuerl, #newsUdxwcrsudo
Cupich Dismisses Viganò’s Claims as a 'Rabbit Hole'
for the sake of the church maybe they all should resign