Cardinal Believes, Francis' Words Are "Source Of Great Pain”

Pope Francis’ defence of Chilean Bishop Juan Barros were “a source of great pain for survivors of [homo]sexual abuse” according to Cardinal Seán O’Malley writing in a statement on bostoncatholic.org (Janury 20). O'Malley belongs to the Bergoglio group.

Francis who has refused to condemn Barros, said on January 18, "The day they bring me proof against the bishop, then I will speak. There is not a single proof against him. This calumny! Is that clear?”

But according to O’Malley Francis’ words convey the message “if you cannot prove your claims then you will not be believed”. This way, O’Malley suggests the juridical principle that people should be condemned without evidence.

Bishop Barros has been accused of covering up sex abuse committed by the famous Chilean priest Fr Fernando Karadima, 86, whose disciple he was. Karadima was sentenced by the Vatican to a life of penance and prayer because of homosexual abuses. There is no evidence that Barros knew about Karadima's misconduct.

Picture: Seán O’Malley, © bostoncatholic.org, CC BY, #newsCcithrsywy
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In 2013, Archbishop Charles Chaput told a reporter, “I’ve never been critical of the Holy Father and would never speak ill of him.”
During the news conference (January 22), the Pope said that he had seen Cardinal O’Malley’s statement and that he has appreciation for the cardinal: “I thank him for his statement because it was very just.”
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O'Malley is already the second cardinal distancing himself from a papal statement or action this week. Cardinal Eijk, the Archbishop of Utrecht, did the same because of Papal honoring of abortion politician Ploumen.
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Will Msgr. Pio Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota, suggest to take away the cardinalate from Cardinal O'Malley - as he once suggested to do with Cardinal Burke.
You know you're in trouble when your best buds criticize youl