Priest: “My Mother Was Told To Abort Me”

Father Martino Choi shared during a homily the story of a pregnant woman who was told after her ultrasound that the child’s organs were not developing properly, that the child would not survive the first year and that she should therefore have an abortion to prevent unnecessary suffering, “This woman is my mother, and I am that child”, Father Choi added. He is a parish priest at St Patrick in Rockville, Columbia, USA.

Fr Choi held his homily before the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday morning, writes the Catholic News Agency.

👏 We know Fr. Martin well! He served in our parish as a seminarian. I'm so happy to see he is sharing this awesome true story. Thank you, Gloriatv!
De Profundis
"Well, countrymen, they are going to hang me, I forgive them and my Father God also forgives them, and always, Long live Christ the King!" said Padre Jenaro Sánchez Delgadillo before he was hanged, on January 17, 1927, for being a priest. VIVA CRISTO REY!