Archdiocese Imposes Male Pronouns for Girl

Baltimore Archdiocese has ordered teachers at the School of the Incarnation in Maryland to use male pronouns for a third-grade girl who is under the illusion to be a "man."

According to ChurchMilitant.com (September 22), the teachers are threatened to be fired if they continue following common sense. The girl is the daughter of the assistant principal of the school.

Baltimore Archbishop William Lori has a pro-gay reputation. He hired the gay activist Howard Ross as "consultant." Baltimore's St Matthew Parish participates in homosexual marches.

Picture: William Lori, #newsMjczfgvxlb

la verdad prevalece
Apostate Archbishop William E. Lori, S.T.D. Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus kofc.org/…-knights/supreme-chaplain.html
We can pray that God expedites the chastisement which the world and the Church so well deserve.
And he's the Supreme Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus?
The KofC isn't quite what it should be and hasn't been for a long time. They've dumped their old secret degrees to make it more "mom-friendly". Only a matter of time before they open membership to women as well.
Pray for him, hell is hot
Look into this man’s eyes, he has the James Martin stare...
DC Lifeguard
Please make some phone calls. In my recorded account, you'll see the phone numbers to call. restore-dc-catholicism.blogspot.com/…chdiocese-of-baltimore-to.html