Bishop Schneider Explains Why the Vatican Aims at Destroying the Church

The Church has been adapting to Protestantism since Vatican II, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told (German video below).

He notes that most Protestant groups in the world have converted to gender ideology, abortion and neo-paganism, thus leaving very little of Christianity.

For Schneider, it is clear that the Council Church will share the fate of liberal Protestantism. Amazingly, he explains that the Vatican bureaucrats are aware of this and know exactly what they are doing:

"This is planned and constitutes the implementation of a precisely conceived ideology in order to adapt the Christian faith to this world," Schneider says. He presents two possible explanations for this modus operandi of the Vatican.

The first: The Vatican bureaucrats have lost their faith. Therefore, they want to adapt to the world and to secularised "values". They have discarded the Faith and present themselves only outwardly as bishops and cardinals.

The second explanation is that the church bureaucrats don't act out of conviction, but out of careerism in order to gain personal advantages, offices and titles.


3rd possible explanations -- they are infiltrated in Masons/Communists....
haven't we known this for decades.............. yet, I guess better late than never
He is correct on both counts.
michael f
The consillior Church ceased being Catholic when Vatican 2 was interduced.