A delegate from Scotland shares his strange experiences at the Youth Pre-Synod Meeting in Rome. “I had to leave,” Sean said. “They were making us hold hands.”

Spin the bottle and childish games: how a youth synod lost its way

JAMES FARRELL reports on an unusual Vatican conference and its confused message to young people A game of spin the bottle, parties in …
“We forgot the reason we went there. The conversation at the pre-synod focused more on which teachings of the Church she should change as opposed to how we can really minister to young people and facilitate them in finding their vocation.”
"Upon hearing that a delegate in his group was a Muslim, a representative from Nigeria took up the Pope’s words to ‘be brazen’ and, in a fit of pain and anguish, exclaimed: “Why? They are killing my people back home!”
Dont look for spirituality where there is none ,THe pope said " Priests should not be scared to use tatoos to connect with the young people " i ask the Pope How far should the priests imitate the young people to connect to them .?????