German Bishops Want Vatican "Indult" For [Invalidly Ordained] German Deaconesses

The new president of the German Bishops' Conference, Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, hopes for a Roman "indult" to [invalidly] ordain German deaconesses.

Bätzing told the German radio WDR5 (March 8) that at the end of the German Synod there could be a resolution to demand from Rome a "special permission" for German deaconesses.

He added that a “very strong voice” is needed. The German synod could give point to this voice [and put Francis under pressure].

Picture: Georg Bätzing, © Bistum Limburg, #newsApkwpqyidr

The Antichrist doesn't need to be under pressure: all they have to do is ask him and they will get it!
The new protestant church...... let's say it.......
Apparently they've already received an "indult" for abandoning clerical vestments.
Novella Nurney
I hear this may be part of the ladies liturgical vestments. 👏 😀