President of EU Parliament: “Avowedly Pro-Life” – Until Yesterday …

The Maltese Roberta Metsola, a mother of four sons (5-14 years), was elected President of the EU Parliament on January 18.

In 2015, she said that she was "categorically against abortion," and in 2018, she described herself as "avowedly pro-life."

Metsola consistently voted for pro-life resolutions. From the beginning of her tenure, she faced questions over her opposition to abortion, a heinous crime that is “legal” in every EU member state, except Malta.

But this was yesterday. After taking office, she said that during her tenure, she will – “inside and outside this Chamber” - represent the position of the criminal EU Parliament which propagates murdering unborn babies as a “human right.”

Metsola also vowed that “this Parliament” will “defend” homosex activists who already have the lying power of the oligarch media behind them.

Picture: © European Parliament, CC BY, #newsFssaijcmif

In addition to being a hypocrite on abortion, she shares the elites' ridiculous standards on covid masking, too. Check that last photo.
So lady , that's the price of your soul. You sell it cheaply
alfred dunn
The new world order and its demonic head shows itself.
De Profundis
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Greed can deceive your mind and soul ,I hope she she regrets it and changes back being a pro life for the sake of her soul