Francis Abuses Muslim Families with Homosex Propaganda

Francis received on September 6 some two-hundred “homeless” and “refugees” - among them twenty from Afghanistan.

Before the meeting, they had to watch the documentary “Francis” by the homosexual Evgeny Afineevsky in which Francis endorses homosex pseudo marriage (“homosexuals have a right to a family” and “I fought for this”).

When this scandal broke in October 2020, the Secretary of State went out of its way to reassure that the Church had never changed its mind about homosex pseudo marriage. However, this most recent endorsement shows that these were all lies.

Those in attendance, many of them Moslem families, will likely have understood from the documentary that the Council Church is a bunch of perverts.

Picture: Vatican Media

A home migrant youth should stay far away from the Vatican.
The Church cannot change its mind about homosexual relationships; the sixth commandment forbids sex outside of a marriage, a marriage between a man and a woman, with a goal of reproduction and mutual support. goa. More people go to hell because of sins against purity than for any other sin.
This is the begining of the end for Francis.....

Unfortunately, Islam knows so little about TRUE Christian Theology that they will believe without question that the Pope serves a demon instead of God. He will be considered a threat