Francis Repeats His Heresy, Calls Religious Diversity "Human Wealth"

Pope Francis has called "to recognize cultural, religious and social diversity as human wealth and not as a threat." Doing so, is for him "the right attitude.”

He made this heretical statement as side note in a talk during a May 4 audience for the Swiss Guard, according to Vatican.va.

Francis' claim is a variant of his heretical Abu Dhabi declaration which pretends that the pluralism of religions is "God-willed."

But "religious diversity" is not "human wealth" but a source of confusion. God does not speak through religions which contradict each other. He only and exclusively speaks through His son who is the head of the Church.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsZdbfcihpuk
Lisi Sterndorfer
Female professed religious in Latin America:
1980: 120,016 (89,936 in South, 30,080 in Central America)
2016: 102,953 (69,552 in South, 33,401 in Central America)
Collapse was worst in Argentina (from 12,446 to 7,227 in the same period).
Francis also said,
More study needed, but for now it "does not proceed"More
Francis also said,

More study needed, but for now it "does not proceed"
What will Bishop Athanasius Schneider do now? Somehow he recovered from the knockout in the Vatican (March 1, 2019), throws paper bullets (letters) into a wolf from Argentina - maybe he will finally make a historic act as befits a Catholic bishop and utter this short phrase: 'Let him be anathema!'
We are so rich!! This is awesome! 🤐 🤮
Jesus is the Way the Truth an d Life , that is what you should be proclaiming ,any thing else is a lie