Here Sits the Role Model London's Cardinal Presents to His Future Priests

Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols, 75, London, who allegedly "retired" in November 2020, appointed secularised Father Philip Dyer-Perry as the Director of the archdiocesan Allen Hall Seminary which is situated where Saint Thomas More's used to stand.

Dyer-Perry is currently the parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary, Greater London. VoiceOfTheFamily.com (June 16) reports that in November 2020 he condemned in a message to Polish parishioners the ruling of Poland's constitutional tribunal to ban aborting children who are thought to be "seriously disabled."

In Dyer-Perry's opinion “this law fails to respect the choice and autonomy of the mother.” He eliminated the fifth commandment by saying that “the unborn child lives within the woman’s body, is entirely dependent on the mother for life, and therefore the most appropriate person to decide whether to continue with the pregnancy is the mother.” With the same argument a mother could kill a born child.

Dyer-Perry would not have received the promotion if, besides being pro-abortion, he were not also rampantly pro-homosex. In 2018, he claimed on Twitter.com that the Church has a "greater problem" with "homophobia" than it ever had with homosexuality. Or: "Gay people are no more likely to abuse than straight men."

In May 2021, he produced a video about "tea and coffee after Mass" in which he rigidly insists on Covid laws. During one scene he is shown kneeling in church saying into the camera that the moment after Holy Communion is a "very special time to reflect on important things" such as "whether you should stay for a cup of tea or coffee after Mass."

With this nomination Cardinal Nichols who has a long history of ordaining and promoting clergy of the like of Dyer-Perry, shows that he has no interest in attracting good men to his seminary.


Nice cassock, Father. Very distinguished. If clothes make the man, it's no surprise you're pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.
Enjoy the glory of the world, Father. But remember, it's fleeting and judgement day is very soon
Roberto 55
He is a "catholic" with protestant thinking and behaviour...The world likes it.