Welcome: Gay Propagandist Becomes Priest

When he was a seminarian, Alexander Balzanella supported the homosexual vice on social media, including prides marches, queer events, gay nightclubs and homosexual pseudo-marriage.

On September 19, he was ordained a priest in Westminster Cathedral, London. CatholicTruthBlog.com reported since November 2018 about Balzarella's pro-gay engagement without publishing his name. It informed all responsible, but never received a reply.

Only in July 2020, CatholicTruthBlog.com revealed Balzanella's name. “Of course, homosexual priests, or those who support ‘gay culture’ are no longer making headline news anywhere, apparently welcomed as such by hierarchy and laity alike,” the blog wrote.

Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols is a supporter of the homosexual vice. He showed this through the promotion of the gay-propaganda “Soho Masses.”

Picture: Alexander Balzanella, © Mazur/cbcew.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsAmidyjkjux

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Gesù è con noi
Another evidence that Bergoglio is not pope because the promise made to Peter is that the gates of Hell will not prevail in the Church. But in the sect of Bergoglio heresy and vice reign, which represent the gates of Hell.
Please God, strike soon
They likely have a job for him in the FrancisVatican.
F M Shyanguya
So now, no need to bother with secret infiltration.
Open and in front of our eyes
but did he really get anointed and ordained by God? I mean, even Judas didn't have those credentials. Does he still hold those opinions? How could it be valid? I'm just a pewsitter and I really just wonder. But I guess Judas was officially an apostle, tho didn't do any good.
GJA Taylor
Like Card O'Brien ( RIP), Card. Nichols should never had been consecrated a bishop. God have mercy on us all.