Divorce and Adultery Cardinal Praises “Families”

Lisbon Patriarch, Cardinal Manuel Clemente, wrote a “Letter to the Families” for a June 7 Day of the Families – using always the plural, likely to include pseudo families.

He calls for “promoting and protecting of the families” – while simultaneously propagating divorce and adultery.

Clemente convinces himself that the coronavirus lockdown has allegedly allowed to redescover the “dimension of the domestic Church,” the “old practice of spiritual Communion,” the “recitation of the Rosary”, and “reading of the Word of God.”

He even expresses the hope that "many of these [imaginary] habits will be maintained, integrating the indispensable sacramental and communal practice."

Clemente must live on another planet.

Picture: Manuel Clemente, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsMjlfrtwqon