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Covid Catholic Church

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsLxsvjcvvnv
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Note: for something to be considered a Mortal Sin it has to meet all the 3 conditions at the same time that can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (full knowledge, full consent of the will, it has to be serious) so God will Judge us on this. How does all this apply to taking these jabs? That I don't know but ask the Holy Spirit Who will lead and guide you to the Truth.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
For those that have already taken the death shot vaccines of both body and soul; the remedy is: and Ivermectin; also repentance and go straight to the Sacrament of Confession if you are a Baptised Catholic.
One more comment from Servant Of Divine Mercy
Servant Of Divine Mercy
The recruitment of souls to Hell is underway, membership is free, all you need to enter is to comitt a Mortal Sin such as getting these luciferian jabs.