Joseph Sciambra: Why Homosexuals Should Stay Away From Council Church

If you or someone you love is dealing with same-sex attraction, don’t go anywhere near the Catholic Church, writes the former homosexual Joseph Sciambra (, January 26).

Sciambra was conditioned in his youth that he “was” homosexual and “born this way.” During the advent of AIDS, Sciambra became increasingly confused and searched for guidance,

“A seemingly benevolent priest simply confirmed what I was somewhat reluctant to accept.” The same priest also said: “God made me this way. I thought to myself, I couldn’t go against God.”

God Makes Nobody Homosexual

Years later, a tired and frustrated Sciambra was still looking for direction, “The ever-lasting camaraderie and approbation that I longed for since I was a boy seemed more elusive than ever.” He felt as if he was going nowhere. Nevertheless, another Catholic priest confirmed him in his homosexual way.

Sciambra became increasingly self-destructive and even suicidal, “I still believed that my destiny was indelibly linked to the way God had created me. I had brainwashed myself.”

Sciambra asked himself whether his fate was similar to those men, he knew and who perished from AIDS while still in their 20s and 30s. He felt abandoned by God who allowed needless suffering and death. A strange prophecy from the homosexual Jesuit John J. McNeill apparently came true:

“Since most gay people experience their homosexual orientation as a part of creation, if they accept Church teaching on homosexuality, they must see God as sadistically creating them with an intrinsic orientation to evil. Most gays would prefer to see the Church teaching as wrong, rather than believe God is sadistic.”

Sciambra didn’t know, let alone understand “the Church teaching” on homosexuality and thought of God as the ultimate sadist. Without knowing why, he again returned to a Catholic priest highly affirmative of homosexuality.

"Catholic" Homosex Ministries Run By Homosexual Priest Confirm Homosexuals

Homosex ministries are overseen by priests and religious orders that are predominantly gay, Sciambra writes. They reinterpret the Bible, claim a homoeroticism between David and Jonathan or that Christ healed the centurion’s homosex lover as proof that Christ "approved" of homosexuality. They also point at a "special nature" of the relationship between Jesus and the Apostle John.

In homosex ministries, the Catechism denounced as "homophobic" and only strategically quoted when it says that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.” The term “intrinsically disordered” which the Church applies to homosexuality, is being changed to “differently ordered,” or even “intrinsically fabulous.”

Homosexuals are repeatedly told by Church ministries that “God made you gay.” Sciambra’s beliefs that for some, “accepting the supposed divine origins of their sexual identity marks a final resolution to a lifelong struggle.”

Sciambra’s later homosexuality started after “constant teasing from other boys,” “feeling neglected by my father” and “becoming obsessed with pornography.”

Homosexuals Took Over The Highest Levels Of The Church

The Church's problem is for Sciambra that homosexual priests have risen through the ranks and have been promoted into positions of authority, they control the chanceries and the seminaries, have become bishops and cardinals and are advancing the careers of those with similar proclivities, "They have groomed and abused each other since before their ordination.”

The result, “There is no corner of the Church that has not been touched.“ Confirming young people into a "homosexual identity" is now “performed before large audiences at various Catholic religious education conferences, at parishes, in ministries, at Catholic universities, and on social media.

For Sciambra is now telling those who are hurting and scared not to go inside the [modernist] Catholic Church “for only deception and death awaits you.”
"There is no corner of the Church that has not been touched." This is a fallacy of a Sweeping Generalization when describing homosexuality within the clergy. Unsurprisingly from a self-described former homosexual. "Former satanists" see evidence of their own barely suppressed vices everywhere within the Church as well.