Greetings from the Titanic: Francis Invents "Ministry" Of Catechist

Francis will institute the Catechist as new official “ministry” through a Motu Proprio carrying the misleading title Antiquum ministerium ("Old ministry").

It will be published May 11, the Vatican press office announced. Until now, the catechists were "commissioned" to their activity. In future, Catechists will stand alongside with Novus Ordo ministries like "lector" or "acolyte" which have no real function, neither in the liturgy nor anywhere else.

Only in January, Francis changed Canon Law declaring that laypeople including women can formally become lectors or acolytes. However, this amounted to moving chairs on the Titanic because in the Novus Ordo, almost all of those who perform as "acolytes" and "lectors" - men and women - were never instituted us such.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsVdwhzeunml