Extremists open-carrying
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The absolute nerve! Who do they think they are, children of Mary?
Jeffrey Ade
You funny! And wouldn't be a Grace to be a child of Mary!
Let everybody be a rosary extremist for peace in the world
Italian Lover
Rosary Extremist. No guilt or shame.
Carlos Santos
Here is the story stirring all of the comments on the rosary being an "extremist symbol": Campos-Duffy warns Christianity 'under attack' after The Atlantic calls the rosary an 'extremist symbol' | Fox News
Sally Dorman
“Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.”
- Pope Pius IX
Jeffrey Ade
Don't stop now! Pray!
Keep your bans off the AVE-15 assault weapon 😄
Jeffrey Ade
Para cord rosaries!
Jeffrey Ade
Carlos Santos
Those fine ladies are carrying nuclear weapons. The Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon on this earth. 😍 😇 🙏
Carlos Santos
You win the internet today! @Jungerheld 😍 😎 🙏
Jeffrey Ade
Malki Tzedek
Habitual bead-toting ones, at that! They've been around for decades.
Jeffrey Ade
They have, but now they have been singled out by the enemy!