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Unique Expression Of "Roman Rite": Tattoo Eucharist

An April 14 Tattoo Eucharist will be presided over in Vienna's St Ruprecht Church, Austria. St Ruprecht, the city's oldest church dating back to 740,…
Getting tattoos has an allure but should be mightily resisted by christians
Tattoos are expressly forbidden in the Old Testament in Leviticus 19:28, and used to be considered an impediment to Holy Orders. What was prevalent for sailors & criminals is quite common today even for priests! 😱 😲
English Catholic
@Orthocat I agree. I loathe tattoos. One priest who got a tattoo even made a video about it. A UK blog covered the issue. I think the comments about this priest and his tattoo speak for themselves! Priests & Tattoos: Is This Disgusting/Scandalous? Or, Are "With-It" Clergy Just What We Need? - Catholic Truth
This is beyond parody