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Jan Joseph
In Nederland nemen de Tridentijnse huiskerken snel in aantal toe.
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"Showman" reminds us that Mass has been downgraded to the perfomance.

By the way, France exports expensive veils for Mass to S.Korea.

Wearing veils is angel's command at Mass ?
Not all Catholic tradition comes from an angel's command. ;-)

Church tradition is just THAT awesome. It's also fashionable.
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Wearing veils is valid at Mass and it makes me not look at the side.
"...a Protestant from Muslim background who attended a Mass in Schneider’s chapel." Did he give her Communion, too? o.O
It doesn't say so. It only reports what she said afterword. Also, if he did give her Communion, it is doubtful that he knew she wasn't Catholic unless she made a point to make it known. Just think about how Communion is distributed. You go up, you kneel, you receive Christ. There is no one to check your credentials. A priest or bishop can only refuse to give to those he is aware may not receive.
All valid points. We can hope Bishop Schneider made a point of asking if she DID receive Communion and explained why she shouldn't if she had. But, the article doesn't say that, either.
Cath intruth
Bp Schneider would certainly not give the Holy Eucharist to a known Protestant.
He has been faithfully defending Our Lord in the most Blessed Sacrament.
I myself formulated these urgent measures in april 2020. I was considered a fool, and I was stopped by my bishop. It is evident that the virus is stoping contacts, but the grace is coming by contacts. Without puting hands the grace is stoped in time in the Church ( Heb 6:2).