American Bishop Asks Cardinal Farrell an Embarrassing Question

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, USA, objected on Twitter (July 7) to Cardinal Kevin Farrell's claim that priests have “no credibility” when it comes to training people for marriage "because they have never lived the experience". Farrell is the prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

Tobin presents the obvious objection against Farrell: “It seems fair to ask, then, if a celibate cleric has sufficient ‘credibility’ to lead a dicastery devoted to laity, family and life.”

Since Farrell took over his position albeit his self-professed cluelessness about the family, it is obvious that he wanted the job only for career reasons.

Picture: Thomas Tobin, Twitter, #newsPbijmfrile
Using Cardinal Farrell's logic, one would have to lay an egg to know that it is bad!
Cardinal Farrell's logic undermines his own authority.
De Profundis
This isn’t his reasoning, he is showing the absurdity of Cdl Farrell’s reasoning.
Maybe the Vatican is trying to put this dicastery under layman's jurisdiction, and is just preparing the public for this move by Cardinal's statements.....