Rather “Dead": Cardinal Marx Fears the Catholic Faith

At times it seems to him that "traditions" and "images of faith" are held on to out of "fear" of "the new," Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx said in his so-called Easter message of 3 April, playing the fear card.

The Novus Ordo group uses the fraudulent expression "traditions" for those parts of the Catholic faith they reject.

For Marx, the "paschal law" also applies to the Catholic faith: Without death, no resurrection! Without dying, no new life!

Of course, Marx did not mean evil German traditions such as church tax, subservience to the state, state salaries for the bishops, fear of truth, pastoral decline, etc.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsJbxrxlgprc

100% spot-on for @Fr Dan In His time, Christ was "new". Still, it's terrifying to consider Cardianl Marx' vision of the "new" Church.
Fr Dan
We do not fear what is new, we resist what is false
More like: Catholics hold onto Traditions and images Truths of The Faith because they have Eyes of Faith to See and Ears of Faith to Hear, which sadly this man appears to have lost.
Dr Bobus
Cardinal Mark would not fear the Fried Chicken and Pizza Buffet at Pizza Ranch. He seems to have no qualms about the tradition of gluttony