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Ultraviolet// Pope Tagle ? No way.

The Prefect Cardinal Tagle's dereliction of duty.
He is also in charge of Asia, did not solve the Korean Church problem even though he read my petition twice last year.(my profile)
Benedict XVI is no longer pope. If Francis dies before Benedict, then Benedict does not become Pope again. The College of Cardinals will pick a new pope and very likely it's going to be Sonny The Cuckoo Bird. Throngs of joyous Filipinos will be performing the Papal Inaugural Dance in celebration. Here's a handy infographic for those Novus Ordo who wish to join in.
As GTV's Self-Appointed Official Seer I haven't formally predicted Tagle's appointment, but he is the clear favorite choice.
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Two Nurses // Why don't you 'Two Doctors'?
If he dies earlier than Pope Benedict XVI ?
Pope Francis do the Will of God not the will of the world, be more of a sheppard not of a politician
Angelo Santelli
Prayerfully Providence will end his life very soon.
Dr Bobus
The next 3-4 weeks will be interesting
Facts Not Lies
I thought I was seeing double!...
Nope... just a couple of Matrix Agent clones to Frances left and right.
Beware of false shepherds.