Dishonest Francis: Traditionis Custodes Plays Dirty Tricks

Traditionis Custodes praises Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum in order to destroy the work he accomplished with it.

For Specula, writing on InfoVaticana.com (July 18), this is “a monument to cynicism and hypocrisy.” He is reminded of Amoris Laetitia which quotes John Paul II and Thomas Aquinas “to affirm exactly the opposite of their teaching.”

In a similar way, Traditionis Custodes says that “after the Council of Trent, St Pius V (+1572) abrogated all the rites that could not boast of proven antiquity, establishing a single Missale Romanum for the whole Latin Church."

This is another trick. Specula clarifies that only the Novus Ordo has “no proven antiquity” because it was invented out of the blue fifty years ago and never became a rite, rather a phenomenon of disintegration because, when presiding the Novus Ordo, every priest does whatever he wants.

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXonkqvamyj

Tony M
He thinks we are stupid....but for those who are watching all he says & does.... we can see right through him!!
It is only those who put their heads in the sand, and are in denial of the true nature of this antipapacy, who is he duping with ease.
De Profundis
I'm pretty sure Pope Narcissus is not reading any critique of his latest musings.
De Rooms Katholieke kerk, firma list en bedrog.
Don't be too sure, my man. Remember... Pope Francis has griped very bitterly about online Catholic culture. How would he know? John 18:34