Mesh of Lies: Francis' Selective Capacity of Remembering

Philip Lawler, the editor of, wrote on Twitter (May 29):

“Explain to me, please, how Pope Francis doesn't recall whether Viganò told him about McCarrick, but is quite sure that he knew ‘nothing, obviously, nothing, nothing’ about McCarrick.”

Lawler's point is: How can Francis be certain that he knew "nothing, nothing" if he is unable to recall whether Whistleblower Archbishop Viganò told him about Cardinal McCarrick or not?

It is also remarkable that Francis has a strong memory ("nothing, nothing") when exonerating himself, but suffers from amnesia when faced with counter-evidence.

When Francis was confronted with the Viganò statement for the first time during his August 2018 flight from Dublin to Rome, his reply was elusive. Then, he evidently did not yet remember that he "does not" remember his private audience with Viganò.

Who is the father of lies (liars)? Therefore...
Sent to teach the nations? "I knew nothing, obviously, nothing, nothing. I said it many times, I knew nothing, no idea".
politicians never lie
"Explain to me, please…" Answer: They lie.
Just come clean, repent, resign and move to the Argentine chapel on Antarctica. Homoheretic.
Here is my question: How is it the pope removed restrictions without knowing why, with the greatest clarity and severeness, the restrictions were placed in the beginning? It is scandalous to my mind and reveals, in reality, their closeness.