Columbus Hotel: "Social" Pact with the Devil

Francis has approved the lease of the prestigious renaissance Columbus Hotel to Bill Gates' Four Seasons Hotels. The property is located 300 meters …
Alex A
Why on earth would the likes of Bill Gates want with such a building. Is it simply a case of 'giving the bird' to Catholics or, is there something more nefarious behind his reasoning?
John A Cassani
It’s a hotel that’s literally a stone’s throw from the Vatican. Plenty of potential profit there, I would think. I stayed there in 2013, and found it to be the worst hotel I ever stayed at, despite some Old World charm. Perhaps the expensive rooms were better. I heard years ago that the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre wanted it under new management.
“The envious and the jealous are easily recognized by their physiognomy. Their eyes are dull and heavy, their jaws dropping, their brows contracted, their mind agitated and wanting judgement in their appreciation of others.” –St. Basil